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Monday, 17 September 2012


The book that I've read recently is "Torment" by Lauren Kate. The book is the second of the best selling series of Fallen, the trilling sequel is dark and romantic and an absolute page-turner!!!!! You can truly discover the true term of love never dies.

Luce and her beloved angel Daniel are endlessly in love. They are forced apart once more to protect Luce from the Outcast (immortals who want her dead) . Luce is sent to board at Shoreline and Daniel is hesitant to explain why.

Luce is acquainted to her new room mate Shelly and is quickly introduced to Miles and a bunch of other fun people. Shoreline is a very different environment to what she expected and she was totally not use too. Luce learns about her mysterious past lives. But the more she discovers, the more she suspects that Daniel is hiding something.

I think this book was absolutely amazing for teens and I enjoyed it very much. The cliff hanger at the end was impressive and I didn't expect it at all. It finished off the book very well! What can I say the book of love was "Forbidden, eternal, and a love to die for........"

Monday, 3 September 2012


Miss Kelly I'm not depressed or have a broken heart, it's just a poem. Also I wrote about love because it's just easy! :)

My heart feels like a dying rose, the petals are drooping because it has been put in darkness closed from the outside world to weep it's sorrows alone. No one can carry such a burden, for it will cut you too deep. My heart beats with a pain that is indescribable. All because of those words.....

People rely on just hope but not reality. That is what catches our attention, and that is what brings us to the meaning of life. I ask myself why can't it just be happiness? It's all because of our souls, our souls could fill with joy or bring us such sadness that when a single tear drop falls from you eye it creates such a pool that the moon can reflect it's beauty upon it. But when two souls are searching for love, and not only when they find each other its destiny, they become one.

By Tiara B

Monday, 27 August 2012

My Teacher

I would like to nominate Ms Cottie as the best teacher because she makes learning fun and always puts a smile on my face. She has really in depth conversations with learners and always encourages us to do our best. She has a bright, bubbly and funny personality and lights up the room when she comes into class. She is a fun teacher to have and i always look forward to her classes. (Even if she is giving a test!)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My book review

I really enjoyed the book "Fallen" by Lauren Kate. The book was fascinating and kept me wanting to turn the page. I was just a bit confused as I think she left things unexplained and it didn't really make the story make sense? If she was trying to use the cliff hanger format I don't think she used the technique well. Also some bits of the story dragged and I lost interest at times but overall I would give the book a three out five.

Monday, 6 August 2012

The greatest moment in olympic history

The greatest moment in Olympic history was the Jamaican bobsledding team because at first every one thought it was a joke. After all, how could Jamaica, a country known for its year-round sunshine, possibly have a team in bobsledding, an event normally won by teams from places like Switzerland and Norway? Although, during the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, the Jamaican bobsled team (Devon Harris, Dudley Stokes, Michael White, Samuel Clayton, and Aiden van de Mortel) and their coach (Howard Siler) held their own, winning respect and admiration from their peers. Celebrated in the film "Cool Runnings," the snowless country managed to put together a decent bobsled team, and in doing so reminded the world that the Olympics aren't just about sheer athleticism--they're about drive, determination, and heart.

Monday, 23 July 2012

To Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!! can i just give you my card in class and sorry i haven't done my movie, i was in Indonesia so i couldn't really do anything but i want to still do one. so Brittany is going to help me do a make up tutorial some time but i will get it done don't worry!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Collaborative writing 4/4

The light under the door, shining through the dark hallway making me question wither to run or not but i here Ellie say "don't you dare think of running away." I hold my breath as she nudges me to open the door. I turned the handle and a brightness of light exploded in front of me. A pillar, in the center of the room and it looked like thousands of dogs and people sitting down facing the pillar. I had no idea why i was here and i was completely over whelmed.I follow Ellie as she leads me over to a spare seat. I sit down my hands shaking with emotion. I scan my eyes across the room. The room was enormous all of the colour of white. Rows and rows of chairs filled the space all accompanied with people and dogs sitting down chatting with one another.."This is where we all meet, soon the leader will be coming she will explain more soon" Ellie said. As i waited in confusion all of a sudden the room fell silent. Like if a feather dropped i swear you could probably here it. No one moved it looked as if everyone was statues. Then the door opened and the whole room stood up. A person walked in, a women with such great beauty it was hard not to look. A faint glow of aura was around her body then she flew up the pillar which what looked like 50meters tall. Once her feet touched the pillar the whole room stood up and bowed, i copied because i didn't know what i was suppose to do but it was almost as if i was forced to by her presence. Soon after everyone stood back down but the dogs stood standing. The women spun slowly around lifting her hands up and a glow of light poured from her hands which touched everyone's faces. My gaze turned towards Ellie the light faintly touching her face. Soon was once dog was turned into a girl. My eyes awe struck with what i just witnessed. Then when everyone was seated including Ellie a voice like an angel called out towards us. I felt her eyes focus on me then I hear Ellie urge me to stand up. I stood up slowly soon i felt all eyes staring at me.

All i remember was the woman's voice say "He is the chosen one."